Monday, 9 November 2015

Some Volkswagen owners Are about to be 1000 USDollars richer

Volkswagen says it will offer $1,000 in gift
cards and vouchers to the owners of 482,000
VW diesel vehicles in the U.S. that are linked
to the German automaker's emissions
cheating scandal.
VW said Monday the motorists, many of them
angry at the company for selling them cars
that are not as environmentally sensitive as it
advertised, would get a $500 Visa gift card, a
$500 card that could be used for service at
VW dealerships and free roadside assistance
for three years.
The payments come as VW, one of the world's
largest auto manufacturers, struggles to
determine a fix for the cars, which are
equipped with software that turns on
pollution controls during government tests
and turns them off in normal driving. With
the switch in controls, U.S. environmental
regulators say that as a result, the affected
cars emit 10 to 40 times the allowable amount
of harmful nitrogen oxide while they are
being driven.
"We are working tirelessly to develop an
approved remedy for affected vehicles,''
Michael Horn, VW's U.S. chief executive, said
in a statement. "In the meantime, we are
providing this goodwill package as a first step
towards regaining our customers' trust."
The payments will go to owners of several
2009 to 2015 VW models, including Jettas,
Passats, Golfs and Beetles. The company is
recalling 8.5 million cars in Europe as a result
of the bogus emissions tests and another 2.5
million are affected throughout the rest of the
American motorists have filed more than 200
class-action lawsuits against VW in the
scandal, alleging the bogus emissions tests
have decreased the value of the cars.
Acceptance of the gift cards does not prohibit
motorists from suing VW.


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