Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Bikers ROAD ROAR

  • 5 Days, 1 Mission, 1 Destination The Super Bike Clubs Association of Nigeria invites all bikers irrespective of club, bike, experience, age or creed to heed the call of the Road Roar.
    Reffered to by some as Nigeria's biggest biker event, the Road Roar is a road tour which will span five days, with riders taking off from Gombe, riding on to Kaduna, Bida, Ilorin, Ibadan and on to Lagos in a non-direct route, to culminate in a family funfair, tagged The Gathering.
    Looking to be the largest group ride ever witnessed, the RR  started off on the 16th of November and will end on the 20th of November 2015. Participants may also join in at designated routes.
    The RR provides a unique platform to experience adventure, tourism, and culture as the participants ride through different cities in Nigeria in an uncommon show of brotherhood and patriotism, engaging in acts of charity, and appreciating, discovering and reveling in the beauty of the Nigerian landscape.
    The RR is not an exclusive event, and is open to everyone irrespective of affiliations, or nationalities.
    “This is not about bikers alone, it’s about Nigerians. It’s about our future, it’s about the freedom to do what you love. It’s about brotherhood, it's about compassion. We foresee in the near future that even car owners would be able to participate in the Road Roar,” said renowned super biker and SCAN BoT member, Ogbonnaya Kanu.
    Participants who complete the event will receive a certificate of completion from SCAN in recognition of their efforts and accomplishments.

Designated routes to be taken.


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