Monday, 4 January 2016

Happy New Year !! from the stables of Motoring Nigeria

Three days ago, we were driving closer to the end of the dusty road which ran a distance of 365days. Along the way, there were busted tires, break downs, traffic jams, over-heating, running on fumes, bad breaks, road kills, cop chase, hot days and cold nights...and much more. At some points, I almost did give up to turn around but in the midst of all this, the joy of seeing the beauty behind the hilly, dusty, mountainous road at the other side kept me driving this pretty horse powered car into the sunset.
Now, here we are with other dare-devil drivers who drove through this 365 day sojourn with us. Yes, we lost brothers and sisters along the tracks...if only they could see the pretty sight of the sunrise with us but for them we drive onward together.
The coming 363days do not promise to be a rosy, smooth ride as we continue to help push the limits in the Nigeria Automotive Industry.
We say a big thank you
To our clients,
To those who did business with us,
To our business mentors,
To our fellow dealers across the country,
To our motorsport family,
To RoadKill lovers and finally,
To the MODS on Nairaland who always seem to know which of our not easily gotten news is worthy to grace the front-page of Nairaland, more turbo and grease to your elbows.
Thank you for being an important part of our 2015.
We appreciate you.
Let's make things happen again in 2016!! (We got more surprises)
Happy New Year!!
God Bless You,
God Bless Motoring Nigeria.


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