Tuesday, 12 January 2016

JAC is another Toyota in the Making -Ade-Ojo

Chinese Auto brand, JAC has been described as a brand with potential to ascend leadership position in the nation’s auto market.
The Managing Director of Elizade Autos Limited, Mr. Ademola Ade-Ojo, who made the assertion at a press briefing in Lagos recently, describing the JAC brand of vehicles as “another Toyota in the making,” adding, “and we are putting all the structure in place and doing everything possible to ensure that the brand is seen as not just a Chinese vehicle but as other Asian vehicles like Toyota and others.”
According to Mr. Ade-Ojo, Elizade’s decision to market JAC in Nigeria was informed by a long-term independent research and product quality improvement.
Ademola Ade-Ojo (3rd from left), making a point, while conducting journalists round the new JAC facility at Ikaja, Lagos, recently

Ademola Ade-Ojo (3rd from left), making a point, while conducting journalists round the new JAC facility at Ikaja, Lagos, recently
“Feedbacks so far received from customers and potential ones indicate to us that history might repeat itself in the nation’s auto market.
“When my father started marketing Toyota some decades ago,” he recalled, “the most popular brand was the Peugeot and Toyota was looked down upon.  But by the time Nigerians realized the quality low maintenance cost of Toyota; it soon became a household name in Nigeria and later took control of the market.
He said his company’s decision to introduce JAC brand into Nigerian market was necessitated by a change in the nation’s economic landscape, which pushed prices of existing brand new vehicles above the means of Nigerians, most of who resorted to buying imported used vehicles, popularly known in Nigeria as Tokunbo.
“Given that situation,” he recalled, “we decided to source for Nigerians a more affordable brand that is of good quality. We did no just partner with JAC, because they offer a cheaper alternative. But most critical and important thing for us was that we needed to assure ourselves that whatever vehicle we are going to introduce meets our own minimum expectation.”
He said his company travelled to China, accessed the Chinese auto industry and discovered that JAC was a brand they could associate with.
“Afterwards”, he explained, “we carried out quality test of the product for 18 months. We selected various corporate organizations, individuals and ourselves to test these vehicles,
“We catalogued every complaint and every issue that people complained about. We saw certain areas that we needed improvement upon and communicated them to the manufacturer, who saw it could actually result in an improvement. For example, the truck came with one fuel filter. But because of the type of fuel we have, we have introduced two fuel filters into the trucks, simply because we tested this and found out that we needed to improve upon it.
“And then another improvement we made on the truck was that, you know, in Nigeria, people do overloading of trucks. As a result, we realized that the rear axle and leafspring needed to be strengthened. We informed the manufacturers about this and again, they complied. They complied with various matters that came up,  to improve the product. All these convinced us that we had selected the right auto company to partner with.
After the tests and improvements, Elizade Nigeria Limited, in 2013, officially entered into partnership to officially represent JAC in Nigeria, a development, which resulted in building of showrooms for the brand in Nigeria, one already along Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja and a second one being put up at Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Source: Motoring World


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