Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The BT 2016 records maximum registration of racers, 10 months to raceday

The Organizers of the Bikers Trophy has attained the maximum number of racers for the 2016 BT. This is news unprecedented as it is still a whooping 10 months to the race day?(November 2016) but it only signifies the amount of work that is being put in for the success of this year's race, not ignoring the enthusiasm among the racing community. Read the press release by OkaoOduagbon

"Just as in a football match, there can (yet) not be more than 11 players a side during a game. For The BT 2016, we believe that 40 racers is the optimum number for an exciting race day.

That number has been reached.

Any registrations received from today henceforth will go into a supplementary racers list.

The Supplementary list will be a reserve list of racers from which to enter new competitors in The BT 2016 should any of the 40 previous already registered racers not meet pre race requirements.

The supplementary racers registration closes on the 31st of March, 2016.

Thanks for your interest in The BT 2016.

The BT 2016 #BlohkosAtWar LOL

See you then, IF you Pump RED!"


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