Monday, 4 January 2016

Welcome to the year of The BT - “The Challenge”! #LionsRumble

With some very functional and (over) active adrenal glands, some superbikers in Nigeria/West Africa have made and re-written global motorsport history. Motorsport in Nigeria, at least the superbike racing part, can definitely be said to have come of age.

The BT 2016 will be focused on growing the sport the right way for improved safety and sustainability.

"Pumping RED" in 2016 will follow a strict set of rules for participants and attendees to try create a conducive environment towards an exciting race day.

IF you pump RED (i.e plan to race in The BT 2016 and/or have positive contributions to make to The BT 2016), please click on here and complete the registration procedure.

IF you planning to attend The BT 2016, but WONT be pumping RED, please click here for more information on ticketing for the event.

For the safety of all, that participants and attendees @ The BT 2016 should come with a convergence of purpose, which is to race and watch/support the racers.

The BT 2016 comes up between the 23rd and 27 November 2016 for all aspiring racers. Race day is 26th November and starts at 7:00 am

Updates on progress and plans and reminders for The BT 2016 will be periodic as the countdown continues.

Hope to see you @ The BT 2016, IF you (still) pump RED!


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