Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Eleko Motor Race Expands the Frontiers of Motorsport Development in Nigeria

It was a fun day last Saturday at Eleko Beach Lagos state where the Eleko Motor Race was held, Motoring Nigeria was present at the event along with a bevy of racing enthusiasts, drivers and their off-road vehicles. It was another world entirely, unique in its own way from all other events we have covered.

Before continuing, I recon I should discuss a little about what Eleko Motor Race is all about. Eleko Motor Race is the brainchild of young Nigerian motorsport enthusiasts, Mr. Bamidele Fadimiluyi and Mr. Edward Osakwe who brought together a team of like-minded people who share their vision. It’s primary aim is to use the platform of motorsport to enhance knowledge of automobile science and engineering and educate the general public as to the automotive potential of everyday off-road cars and SUVs, as well as specially-modified/created racing vehicles.

There was an impressive line-up of powerful engines at the event but in this kind of race, power is not the most important virtue a car could possess as successful race depends on a combination of weight, driver skill, suspension, tires, and power.

The race began at about 1pm with the monstrous Hummer H1 with off-road adapted tyres roaring to power and charging off the starting line in what seemed like a whim, this got the local children cheering loudly at the vehicle but sadly, the vehicle developed a technical issue midcourse and the driver had to discontinue the race.

A Jeep Wrangler Sahara was next on the starting line, with its light weight and all terrain tyres, it left everyone in awe as it went hardcore through the race course and the driver was definitely skilled with his show of good handling and quick maneuvers around the many curves of the race course.

The third vehicle to go in was a Hummer H3, the driver of the H3 did not also fail to impress as it raced through the race course with poise and what seemed like gliding on the tricky beach sand. In a short time he finished the race and it was time for the next contestant, a Land Rover Defender 2004 edition,a car that’s definitely worth being called a classic came to show  everyone it’s still as capable, maybe even more capable than the new skool, equally driven by a driver with much experience to go by. The vehicle started the race with ease and moved on swiftly along the track in a show of mastery of the race course, in some way, the Land Rover seemed at peace with the beach environment but that clearly did not hinder its speed as it was also at the finish line after a short while.
The H3 speeding through thetrack

A Mitsubishi Pajero and a Ford Explorer also participated in the race, driven by women, but they both developed technical issues as the tyres were not adapted for the conditions of the racing course. I’m sure this will make them even more determined to win the next race like one of them; MrsOsakwe did in one of the races last year.

The racing session was quickly followed by “item 7” where folks got food from chicken to hotdogs, and the local children that were present happily got their own share including small chops specially prepared for them. Young rider, Marco Babatunde Micheletti, also pulled stunts on his ride while the spectators ‘spectated’. After this, the race results were announced,the 3rdposition went to the Land Rover Defender 2004 edition, driven by Mackanjuola Ayodele Fadimiluyi, the 2ndposition went to the Hummer H3 driven by the Nigerian Italian racer John Micheletti, but the winning car was the Jeep Wrangler Sahara driven by Kingsley Uwatse of M-B Automobile services Ltd.


The winners on the podium

This event was supported by Yokohama Tires (Viramsun Nig. Ltd), Coscharis Motors, OMP Racing and  SickRabbit

The organizers did a good job pulling off and event like this, I would score them 7 for organization, 7 for entertainment/feeding, 4 for publicity and overall score of 7. It was nice seeing another stride being taken towards Nigeria’s Motorsport development, the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean also added a serene feel to the event. I had a great day and I look forward to the next edition.  If you have an off-road vehicle and you feel like its being underutilized, Eleko Motor Race would be a perfect opportunity for you to end that.


BamideleFadimiluyi: Race Control

Edward Osakwe: Race Director

IshakuBamayi: Head Steward

TariEtete: Clerk of the course, Head Steward.

Ayo Ogunkanmi: Steward/ legal adviser.

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Babatunde Micheletti pulling stunts while being cheered on by his father and Bamidele.

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