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Friday, 25 March 2016

Nigeria's first car maker Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing takes to the skies in fighter jets

Nigeria auto makers to supply jets fighting Boko HaramPartnership with Nigerian Air Force is good for business amid wave of patriotism

The grinding conflict between the Nigerian state and Boko Haram insurgents has exacted a devastatinghuman and economic toll over the past six years.

But for Nigeria's first car manufacturer, the crisis may represent an opportunity.

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) recently announced a partnership deal withInnoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM), which will see the company supply spare parts for jets conducting airstrikes against the insurgents.

"The ingenious effort by IVM is instrumental to the continued operation of the Alpha Jets," NAF spokesperson Ayodele Famuyiwa said of the deal. "IVM helped to save the day when help was not forthcoming from abroad."

Friends in high places

The air force reached out to Innoson in 2015, as it faced increasing difficulty with the import of vital parts such as brake pads. The deal was struck after a series of site visits around the country.

"The army came to our factories in many states," says Innoson spokesperson Cornel Osigwe. "They saw we had the capacity."

IVM, part of the Innoson Group owned by billionaire Innocent Chukwuma, started producing commercial vehicles such as coaches in 2007, before launching a range of private cars in 2014 -- the first to carry a "Made in Nigeria" seal.

The offshoot company now employs over 7,000 people and has capacity to produce 10,000 cars a year. It is hoped that the partnership with NAF could help the business expand further.

"The attention is providing a big boost for the company," says Osigwe.

Innoson has gained several new clients since the deal, according to the spokesperson, including the National Assembly. Leading politicians such as Senator Ben Murray-Bruce have offered strong support.

Osigwe hopes that high profile supporters will help the company make inroads with the wider public.

"If the government patronize Innoson, individuals and companies will follow," he says.

Home advantage

As Nigeria continues to suffer from falling oil revenues that are devaluing its currency, the Naira, the government is making efforts to build up the domesticmanufacturing sector and reduce dependency on imports.

The government-promoted Twitter campaign #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira has been enthusiastically adopted by the public, trending on several occasions over the past month.

Innoson has featured prominently in the campaign, with indications that the company is gaining recognition.

A recent poll from news site YNaija showed that 60% of respondents would choose the Nigerian-made cars.

IVM is now seeking to capitalize on the current momentum. The company is planning to increase its manufacturing capacity from 10,000 to 50,000 vehicles per year, including of new, lower cost cars to reach a broader market.

Collaboration with the NAF will also expand for research and supply. As patriotism grows across Nigeria, this could prove a crucial selling point.

Source: CNN

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Thursday, 17 March 2016


The media has been agog about tyre blowout for the past 2 weeks since the former Nigerian minister for trade and productivity died in a car crash which was said to have been caused by over speeding and a tyre blowout, may his soul rest in perfect peace. Well some of us have been in similar situations but were lucky to get out safely and unhurt.

My experience was at the city of Ibadan one extremely hot afternoon last month in one of the notorious Nissan Micra taxis along with a lady and a man, I was on my way to Iwo road park where I planned to board a minibus to another city when suddenly, about 5 kilometers to the park and on high speed, we heard a loud bang by the right side where I was sitting. I immediately knew it was a burst tyre and I started repeating to the driver" don't step on the brakes!" as I knew that could be the difference between life and death. Luckily the driver did not match the brakes and he had just started to stir the car away from the middle of the road when the lady sitting at the front opened the car and almost jumped out of the car save from me who promptly held tightly  to her cloth, this act enraged the man sitting beside me and he started to yell at the lady uncontrollably and all hell broke loose again.

 I was torn between looking out for the driver to avoid another car smashing into ours, preventing the girl from jumping down and killing herself and making the enraged fellow beside me to chilll...all these happened in about 10-20 second and I was surprised at how so many things could go south in such a short period of time. I was initially surprised at the decision the girl made and how the man kept adding to the problems by yelling when we were still in the face of trouble but really, who can blame the two of them? The girl was already in a full state of panic and apparently thought jumping down from the car was the safest decision since she could make and the man certainly thought he should chide her immediately instead of waiting and preventing further problems.

The driver certainly has all the fault as I observed that the burst tyre expired about a year before the incident and he didn't even know that could be a dangerous thing. This brings me to the level of driver education and even passenger education in the country, while I certainly can't comment on the efforts being made to educate the citizens about how to react to emergency situations, I know more efforts have to be made to prevent avoidable deaths and injuries on our roads.

Incidents of tyre blowout are especially common during hot periods and special care needs to be taken to avoid them. I returned to Ibadan about a week later, stayed for some days and I witnessed at least 5 tyre blowouts mostly from cars and busses used to transport residents of the state. This is a very horrific trend and it might be a bomb waiting to explode if efforts are not made to arrest the nip in the bud before it's too late.
In case you ever find yourself in a tyre blowout situation, here is what I think you should do.


Tyre blowouts are rare but happen occasionally


Your task is of course to stop the car as soon as possible, but so not to endanger other road users, pedestrians and to do so in a controlled and safe manoeuvre. In the event of a tyre blowout you will have lost 25% of contact with the road surface. Your car will also be far more unstable. Try to avoid sudden and abrupt steering or braking.
Whilst keeping momentum of your vehicle by using the accelerator, keep control by keeping both hands on the wheel and you will need to ascertain an escape route. Use your mirrors – especially important if on a motorway as you will need to head towards the hard shoulder.
Once you have established an escape route and your car is stable, very gently ease off the accelerator, but avoid using the brakes. If you have a car with a manual gearbox, you should try to change down the gears from high to low in order to reduce the speed of the car.
Lift your foot off the acceleration pedal gently in order to slow down the car. This way the car will decelerate on its own. In any instance, try to find a safe area to stop the car at the side of the road or on the emergency lane.


·        Remain calm
·        Don’t push the brake
·        Gently accelerate to keep momentum
·        Use the gears to slow the car
·        Find a safe area to stop


A tyre blowout is a terrifying experience, even for the experienced motorist. A blowout can on many occasions be unavoidable, but a little tyre maintenance and checks can help to avoid such an experience.
·        Regularly check tyre tread depth. Depth should be at least 1.6mm around the entire circumference of the tyre and at least across 3/4 of the breadth of the tyre to remain safe and legal.
·        Check there are no cuts or bulges either on the outer or inner edge of the tyres. These can lead to a puncture or tyre blowout so replace if necessary.
·        Avoid using old tyres. Even if a tyre looks in good condition, rubber deteriorates  over time and can become weak. It is recommended to change tyres that are five years of age or over, even if they have had little use and appear in good condition.

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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Ford Makes List of 2016 World’s Most Ethical Companies


Ford Motor Company is the only automaker named a 2016 World’s Most Ethical Company by Ethisphere Institute on Monday – a distinction that comes as ethics in business increasingly affects customers and their purchase decisions.This year’s roll call of honour, made on Monday, marks the seventh consecutive year Ethisphere Institute has named Ford a World’s Most Ethical Company.
Commenting, Bill Ford, executive chairman, Ford Motor Company described the honour as a celebration of his company’s employees, “who are committed to doing the right things and making the right choices.”
“Ethics and corporate citizenship are the foundation of what drives us to make people’s lives better,” Bill Ford stressed.
Ethisphere Institute, a global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices, honors companies with top ratings in five categories – ethics and compliance, corporate citizenship and responsibilities, culture of ethics, governance and leadership and reputation.
For decades, Ford has recognized the importance of strong corporate citizenship and how that ties to success and building the company’s reputation. More than half of respondents to the 2016 Harris Poll Reputation Quotient said they learn more about a company before deciding to do business with them. More than one-third decided not to do business with a company if they perceive the business has a negative reputation.
“Ford understands that trust is the cornerstone of everything it does, and their commitment to being an active part of a global community helps explain why they are the only automaker Ethisphere has recognized every year since 2010,” said Timothy Erblich, Ethisphere’s Chief Executive Officer. “Being honored for the seventh time is no small achievement. Congratulations to everyone at Ford for being recognized.”

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Analyst Predicts Apple Car Will Cost $75,000

If the Apple iPhone and iPad have been any indication, the yet-to-be-confirmed Apple Car will be a constant source of rumors and speculation. Some will be reasonable, while others far-fetched. The latest rumor getting traction is the claim that the Apple Car will come with a price tag of $75,000.
The prediction comes from Gene Munster, a financial analyst for investment firm Piper Jaffray, who, according to website Apple Car News, is “one of the world’s most recognized and respected” Apple analysts.
The website interviewed Munster to find out how he came up with his prediction. For starters, Apple has always priced its products at the higher end of the range, which should also be the case for the Apple Car. Munster also points out that Tesla, one of Apple Car’s purported main rivals, currently sells its Model S in the same ballpark.
Additionally, Munster predicts the Apple Car will launch in 2020, which isn’t far off from previous reports that peg the on-sale date at 2019. And while he is aware the Apple Car may never even come to fruition, he puts the chances of the car making it to production at “fifty to sixty percent,” a prediction he made based on the allegedly large number of Apple staffers on Project Titan (the rumored name of the team dedicated to the Apple Car) and the company’s expansion goals.
That said, Piper Jaffray (which invests in Apple stock) in its own analysis admits the “difficulty in making long-term predictions,” which means the $75,000 price tag is essentially a wild guess at this point.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Another Car Show "Grills2Grills" to be held in Lagos in April 2016

We just confirmed reports about a new car show to be held in Lagos; Grills2Grills tagged "Nigeria's Ultimate Automobile and Motorbike show" will be held later this year on April 2nd and April 3rd at Tafawa Balewa Square, we will bring you more details shortly, Thanks

Friday, 11 March 2016

Cars to Race this Year at Nigeria's Ultimate Motorsport Carnival.

The organizers of the Nigeria Superbike Road Race, The Bikers Trophy (The BT) will introduce a car racing category to this year's edition of the event.

This is with the desire to give Motorsport fans in Nigeria in either the Bike or Car segments to engage in their sport here in Nigeria with the added benefit of expanding the event to a wider range of Motorsport enthusiasts. With the introduction of the car racing category, The BT event will become a full blown motorsport carnival to be enjoyed by racing enthusiasts who naturally have a "Need for speed". The event takes place in Edo State every last Saturday in November on a 33km stretch of newly laid asphalt in Urhonigbe Orhiomwon LGA of Edo State. 

The event enjoys the support of the Government of Edo State. Last year's winner was presented with "The Comrade Trophy" in gratitude to the Governor of the state for his support in the development of a Motorsport culture in Nigeria.

Winner of the Car Race category will emerge with the title of the Car Racing Champion of Nigeria 2016. If you believe you can "Drive your Passion", click to register NOW in the sports car category of The BT 2016. This year's event , the 4th in the series comes up 23rd -27th November 2016. Come and watch live action Motorsport in Nigeria. Hope to see you there- IF you pump RED!

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Searching for a perfect car? Check out OLX' perfect description.

It is no secret that Nigerians love their cars. The average Nigerian is very informed about cars and has a conscious familiarity with car brands, models and specifications. Debating about the perfect car is a favourite pastime amongst youngsters and car lovers.
Lola Masha, Country Manager, OLX added that in reality there is no such thing as a perfect car. However, “A perfect car best suits the needs of the user ranging  from price, durability, style and family size”.
Over the years, certain car brands have been recognized as being best suited for Nigerian roads but identifying the best car for Nigeria is still a personal choice.
For instance, a first-time car owner who is a young professional and falls within the middle-income class is likely to choose a car that is cost effective to maintain and has good second-hand value. The family man with kids will be concerned about size while the luxury buyer will be particular about the brand that fits his status.
The search for the perfect car among Nigerians led leading online classified, OLX to conduct a survey with 813 respondents. Respondents were asked to describe the perfect car.
From the hilarious to the impossible, the responses centered on cost, durability, versatility, complexity, speed, efficiency, handling, appearance, emissions, luxury and of course fun.  Some respondents are of the opinion that the perfect car is cheap to acquire and maintain, while for others, it’s a car with an eternal lifespan not powered by fuel but powers itself.
For another set of respondents a perfect car is a brand new car or a used car with the engine in good condition, great interior, low mileage and good service history. For others, a car with the speed of lightning which can react faster than the driver would be most ideal. Some went as far as wishing for a car that can fly to avoid traffic.
Though the responses were wide-ranging, it appears that the perfect car is one that is well maintained and meets the owner’s lifestyle needs.
OLX is the world’s leading classifieds platform in growth markets and is available in more than 40 countries and over 50 languages. OLX connects local people to buy sell or exchange used goods and services by making it fast and easy for anyone to post an ad through the mobile app. Every month, hundreds of millions of people in local markets around the world use OLX’s online marketplace to find and sell a wide range of products, including vehicles, electronics, phones and much more.

FRSC rules over speeding as the cause of accident that killed Nigerian Minister.

The Corps Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), Boboye Oyeyemi has said investigations carried out by the agency suggest over speeding as the main cause of the accident that killed former Nigerian Minister of state for Labor and Employment, James Ocholi, his wife and son on March 6th.
Oyeyemi stated this while presenting the accident’s Road Traffic Crash Investigation Interim Report to the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting presided by President Buhari today March 9th.

He said investigations by the agency also showed that the driver of Ocholi's SUV had no driver's license and that the impact of the accident was more on Ocholi and his family members who were seated at the rear seats because they were not using seat belts

Dino Melaye Shows off his cute Classic Ride at work

Take your shot and guess these model name and year of this ride in the comment section below!

The Senator drove this to work today, If you asked me, I would have advised driving it tomorrow ( thursday) instead of today, in the spirit of throwback . See another photo after the cut...

Take your shot and guess these model name and year of this ride in the comment section below!

Friday, 4 March 2016

The Good,the Bad and the unbelievably ugly of the 2016 Geneva motor show

So Motoring Nigeria did not attend the Geneva motor show, but we are still aware of our responsibility to bring you the best reports from the show. We managed to get our hands on this well articulated review written by Gavin Green of CarMagazineUk. Enjoy!
The hits and misses of the Geneva motor show
An analysis by seasoned show-goer Gavin Green
Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below! 
So what were the major auto industry trends at the 2016 Geneva motor show? Silly question.  That’s like asking what Vanity Fair’s Oscars party tells us about the state of amateur dramatics. Geneva is more glamorous catwalk than a barometer of tomorrow’s real world cars. Of course inside the sweaty interview rooms, in the bowels of the show stands, CEOs and engineering directors were pontificating on zero emissions and self-driving cars and clever new interpretations on personal mobility.
And out on the catwalk, there was some evidence of all three trends, especially zero-emission cars. (My favourite was the electric DS E-Tense, though what a shame that the first part of its name is a corruption of a great badge, and the second a corruption of our great language.)
Instead, big power, wild style and outrageous speed dominated the plinths, just as it usually does at Geneva. Journalists were frequently summoned to press conferences by six- eight- or 12-cylinder bellow, car worshippers called to petrol-power prayer.

The star cars of the Geneva motor show

There was the bonkers new 200mph Jaguar F-Type (the SVR), for those who find the F-Type R just a bit too much of a pussy. There was the mega-bonkers Lamborghini Centenario, a limited edition 760bhp V12 dream machine, commemorating the birth 100 years ago of company founder Ferruccio, and a neat excuse to liberate £1.6 million from the Swiss bank accounts of 40 super wealthy buyers.  Then there was the maxi-bonkers £1.9 million Bugatti Chiron, for those oligarchs, sheiks and dot com billionaires who like the feel of almost 1500bhp under toe, and the fantasy of a 260mph top speed. 
Nearer the sports car real world, there was a delectable new Porsche 718 Boxster (though now sadly denied six-cylinder power), another new 911 iteration (the R) that may just be the best rear-engine Porsche yet (think GT3 RS without the crazy wing and with life-enhancing proper manual gearshift) and an impressive new car from McLaren (the 570GT) that has a hatchback rear, although the comparisons with a Golf end there. 
The new Fiat 124 Spider (below) looks inviting, though it’s a sign of the mainstream Fiat brand’s dynamic demise that they need to turn to invigorated Mazda for sports car know-how and hardware.  Even more embarrassing for an Italian company, the Mazda version looks better.
The Fiat 124: Japanese engineering, Italian style?

The supercars of Geneva

My favourite supercar on show was the Aston Martin DB11. It looks gorgeous, a superb example of beautifully proportioned sculpture, and thus no need for the styling froth that blights many modern cars. There were some brilliant engineering touches too, none more than the ingenious rear ‘Aero Blade’ that achieves the downforce of a large rear wing without any appendage hanging above or behind.
There was a plethora of new SUVs, like any modern car show, but quite the best new crossover/multi-activity vehicle I saw was the Renault Scenic, more people mover than SUV-like armoured personnel carrier, a beguiling mix of French design flair and functionality. This is the sort of car the French historically do best, although sadly Renault hasn’t done one for rather a long time. 
My other real-world favourites were the elegant Volvo V90 estate and the fine new Mercedes E-class, a real step-ahead Benz, especially in its cabin architecture. 

The rogues of Geneva

There were some styling horrors, of course. There were the usual tarted-up monsters offered by certain tuning houses – gilded Rollers, Bentleys-with-baubles, butch BMWs, rogue Rangies and modified Mercs, mostly. 
Then, there were two particularly misguided mainstream examples of frilly over-ornamentation, in which design details have been ladled on, presumably because the stylists haven’t found a pleasing basic form and must defer to visual chaos to grab attention. Both came from Honda, once Japan’s design exemplar. 
I refer to the prototype of the new Civic hatch, on sale in 2017, and, even worse, the new Honda Clarity (below), first shown at last year’s Tokyo show. Both betray Honda’s lack of design confidence and direction.
Honda Clarity is hydrogen-fuelled, and visually challenged
The Clarity’s technology is, of course, far-sighted and brilliant. Its style is frenzied and bizarre. It’s a tangle of disjointed creases, folds, bulges, edges, slants and angles. Someone please tell Honda that simple elegant forms are best! For evidence, look at the 1965 Formula 1 Honda, on display just a hundred metres away (below), a delectable cigar-shaped projectile of fabulous form-follows-function simplicity and loveliness. Or study the style of Mazda’s RX Vision on the adjacent stand, a minimalist sliver of slippery and seductive sculpture.  
Get the basic shape right, and frilly embellishment is quite unnecessary. A work of technical genius, such as the Clarity, deserves much better.
Do you agree with Gavin? Be sure to comment below and share your hits and misses of the show

Honda's 1965 Formula 1 car: poetry in motion

A-Z of the new cars unveiled at the Geneva motor show

This spring's biggest car show is underway - the 2016 Geneva motor show opened to the world's press on Tuesday 1 March and and runs until Sunday 13 March.Here CAR magazine lists all the cars, world debuts and major launches at the Geneva auto show. It's a handy one-stop shop for everything about the 86th Salon International de l'Auto et Accessoires, to give the Swiss auto show its full name, including a continuously updated list of all the key cars unveiled.  
Flick through the photo gallery above and keep yourselves up-to-date with what is being unveiled at Geneva in our A-Z listings below - be sure to leave a comment telling us which cars you're most looking forward to seeing at the Palexpo arena!
ALFA ROMEOGiulia: More engine details, extra models of new 3-series rival announced
Giulietta: Facelifted version of Alfa's long-standing hatchback
AF10£1.1 million, 2080bhp (yes) hybrid supercar on show
DB11: Major world debut: the 600bhp replacement for the DB9 coupe landed at Geneva
Q2: A baby addition to Ingolstadt's burgeoning SUV range
S4 Avant: New estate version of Audi's high-performance A4
Mulsanne: Myriad updates for the stately saloon, including a new long-wheelbase version
M760Li xDrive: A faster 7-series lands on the BMW stand - the ultimate Q-car?
Bugatti Chiron: the next chapter in go-faster performance benchmarks
Chiron (above): Big news story alert! It's the new Veyron, back for more excess all areas 
SpaceTourer Hyphen: A concept car pointing to new Citroen van range
E-Tense: Citroen's premium spin-off has built itself a striking electric coupe concept
Ferrari GTC4 Lusso: it's the new FF at Geneva
GTC4 Lusso (above): Major mid-life makeover for the artist formerly known as Ferrari FF 
124 Spider:  Mazda MX-5-based Fiat roadster makes another Euro show
Fiesta ST200: Additional power and torque for limited-edition version of Ford's hot hatch
Kuga facelift: Mid-life facelift, extra tech and infotainment upgrades to Kuga crossover
Vignales for allA new swathe of posh Vignales was announced at the Geneva show
Civic hatchback prototype: First look at next-gen Civic in Geneva
Q60 sports coupe: European debut for the new two-door
QX30 Premium Active: The crossover spun from the Q30 hatchback
F-type SVR: Red-hot upgrade for the Jaguar F-type sports car
Optima Sportswagon: Sleek new Optima estate is here
Niro concept: A new kind of SUV, or HUV, from the Koreans. Slots beneath Sportage
Regera: Production version of Swedish supercar manufacturer's Chiron-rivalling supercar
Range Rover Evoque Cabrio: Yes, they've lopped the top off the Evoque
Centenario: A mad, 760bhp salute to Lamborghini's founder
Lexus LC 500 coupe
LC 500 coupe (above): Euro debut for sleek new large coupe
LC 500h coupe: Complex, clever hybrid version of the above
Elise Cup 250The fastest Elise in history gets a power boost - and diet
Levante: World debut for Maser's first ever SUV at the Geneva motor show
RX-VisionEuropean debut for rotary-engined stunner last seen in Tokyo
3 SkyActiv-D 1.5: New smaller engined diesel 3 lands in Geneva
570GTA new hatchback McLaren makes its debut in Switzerland!
MSO P1 and 675LT: Bespoke options for McLaren's models revealed
C-class Cabriolet: First sketches are out, previewing the new C-class soft-top
C43 AMG Coupe (below)A junior hot-rod brother to the full-fat C63
The Mercedes-AMG C43
ASX: Concept car previewing Mitsu's fresh design direction under new boss
L200: Pick-up truck also gets conceptual makeover at Geneva motor show
4/4 80th: Special edition of the long-running roadster with bespoke trims and finishes
EV3: It's an all-electric version of the comically entertaining 3 Wheeler
Huayra BC: A go-faster version of the Huayra supercar bows in at Geneva
2008 facelift: Time for a spruce-up for Peugeot's successful crossover
Traveller and i-Lab: First look at the new MPV/VIP shuttle bus from Peugeot
H2 Speed Concept: Hydrogen-powered concept is claimed capable of 186mph
Porsche 718 Boxster
718 Boxster (above): Big change for the evergreen Boxster at Geneva: 4cyls and new name
911R: A back-to-basics 911 takes the 4.0-litre route
Megane Sport Tourer: New Megane puts the boot in with new estate derivative
ScenicWe've seen the new Megane - now the new Scenic MPV bows in
Etos: Typically madcap show car from the leftfield thinkers at Rinspeed
Seat Ateca: it's Spanish for Qashqai
Ateca (above): It's the Spanish brand's first fully fledged family crossover
Vision S: Concept car previews the upcoming Skoda SUV
Fortwo Cabrio Brabus Edition: new 89bhp go-faster convertible city car
Tivoli XLV: A larger, longer Tivoli for those wanting a gargantuan boot! 
SIV-2: A concept car previewing an additional SUV in SsangYong's growing range
XV concept: The full story on the latest XV estate/crossover range
TREV supercar concept: New Chinese R&D start-up shows off 1000bhp+ electric supercar
RAV4: A facelift for Toyota's evergreen crossover
Opel GT concept
GT concept (above): New sports car show star for Opel/Vauxhall at Geneva motor show
Mokka X: A nip 'n' tuck and spruce-up for a tougher Mokka baby crossover
Astra wins Car of the Year: Europe's biggest award goes to Astra
Phideon: A Phaeton-spec premium limo, but only for the Chinese market
T-Cross Breeze: Compact convertible SUV previews upcoming model
Tiguan: More versions of important new Tiguan land at Geneva
UpCity car gets new turbo option and minor tweaks for 2016
V40 faceliftA nip and a tuck - and 'Thor's Hammer' headlamps - for the evergreen V40
V90 estate (below): The more practical sibling to the new S90 makes it world debut
Volvo V90: another Geneva motor show debutant