Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Analyst Predicts Apple Car Will Cost $75,000

If the Apple iPhone and iPad have been any indication, the yet-to-be-confirmed Apple Car will be a constant source of rumors and speculation. Some will be reasonable, while others far-fetched. The latest rumor getting traction is the claim that the Apple Car will come with a price tag of $75,000.
The prediction comes from Gene Munster, a financial analyst for investment firm Piper Jaffray, who, according to website Apple Car News, is “one of the world’s most recognized and respected” Apple analysts.
The website interviewed Munster to find out how he came up with his prediction. For starters, Apple has always priced its products at the higher end of the range, which should also be the case for the Apple Car. Munster also points out that Tesla, one of Apple Car’s purported main rivals, currently sells its Model S in the same ballpark.
Additionally, Munster predicts the Apple Car will launch in 2020, which isn’t far off from previous reports that peg the on-sale date at 2019. And while he is aware the Apple Car may never even come to fruition, he puts the chances of the car making it to production at “fifty to sixty percent,” a prediction he made based on the allegedly large number of Apple staffers on Project Titan (the rumored name of the team dedicated to the Apple Car) and the company’s expansion goals.
That said, Piper Jaffray (which invests in Apple stock) in its own analysis admits the “difficulty in making long-term predictions,” which means the $75,000 price tag is essentially a wild guess at this point.


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