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20 sure ways to save fuel

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Break up with your partner if he or she is fat.  If you have fat friends, make sure you are going out in their car not the other way around.
With the increase in price of PMS, people have been wondering how to save fuel. Nigerians always see opportunity in every situation which means some people started importing stuff they say will reduce the rate at which you petrol burn by 25%. Petrol cannot be diesel.

So here I am giving you tips on how to reduce your fuel consumption. If you are driving a Corolla, you really don't have to worry except you are not ready to use a car. If you drive cars like Infinity FX45, Benz S550 etc this post is not for you. You are meant to spend alot on fuel.

So many Tips but I will shortlist a little that you can follow.
1. Drive at the speed limit. This is the single most effective solution to increasing efficiency. The most fuel-efficient speed may be the point at which your vehicle shifts to high gear. For most vehicles, this is somewhere around 80mph.

2. Try to avoid traffic on busy days or times when it is raining, windy or barometric pressure is high. Rain, headwind and high barometric pressure create extra air drag that uses more fuel to create and maintain forward motion (a tailwind helps).

3. Get rid of any unnecessary weight in your car or truck like golf clubs or unnecessary tools, materials and YOUR FAT GF. Lowering the tailgate on a pickup truck actually reduces your gas mileage by reducing drag.

4. Avoid wasting fuel from pressing the gas to regain the speed lost from braking when following closely (tailgating) which forces you to correct your following distance by applying your brakes, slowing forward motion.

5. Every time you punch the gas to quickly accelerate after stopping you are burning extra fuel and increasing tire wear.

6. It increases fuel consumption when you allow the vehicle speed to drift lower and then accelerate back up than it does to maintain a steady position on the accelerator.

7. Change your air filter. A dirty air filter will rob the engine of power and efficiency.
It will use more gas than a clean filter. 

8. Keep the tires inflated to the proper pressure to increase your travelling distance on a tank of gas. Keep a tire gauge handy and check the pressure. Tires naturally lose air over a period of time.
9. Service your car at manufacturers recommended intervals. Tokunbo or New. Changing spark plugs and co when their performance begins to drop.

10. Avoid excessive idling. If you idle your car for more than a minute, it will save gas to turn off the engine. 

11. Ignite the engine. Wait for the rev cursor to return to 1. Then move slowly. Your car will warm up b4 you get to the main road or highway. NB: New cars don't need to be warmed up.

12. The Air conditioner consumes fuel. Use it only when its necessary.  In the afternoon, in traffic or when it pours.

13. Keep track of your fuel economy so you can quickly identify when your vehicle is in need of a tune-up or other service.

14. Pretend that there is a raw egg between your foot and the accelerator pedal in your vehicle. You don’t want to break the egg and get the mess on your floor boards so you’ll be less inclined to mash down the throttle pedal. The idea is to encourage gentle accelerations and avoid flooring or lead footing your vehicle.

15. When you see a red light in the distance, start to slow down moderately well before, and wait for it to turn green so you can stroll on through, hopefully maintaining quite a bit of speed 

16. One great way to save fuel is to do minimal braking for turns. When coming up to a turn or bend, threshold brake at the limit of adhesion and slowly release the brakes as your turn the wheel. Once your come out of the turn you will still be near the speed limit. 
17. Don’t top off!

Never fill past the auto-stop on the pump – anything above that can spill and can be negated by emissions systems! Either way, topped-off fuel is wasted!
18. When you arrive home, take the time to reverse park into your garage/parking lot. Do this while the engine is already up to temperature instead of spending time in the morning reversing and manoeuvring the car out while the engine is cold and consuming more fuel. 
19. Know Your Route

I use a simple GPS that I bought for only $99. Whenever I am unfamiliar with the route, I plug in the address to avoid getting lost and wasting miles. It also works great for finding food and fuel stops along the route of your trip.

20. Most effective way is to sell your car. We will help you do that at Minkail Autos Ltd.

Here is witty and informative piece written by Minkail Adesoji, a seasoned car enthusiast and dealer.

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