Thursday, 28 April 2016

Audi Q3 With Inbuilt Multipurpose Scooter Has Got You Covered.

Audi is not only set on bringing full satisfaction to their customers but also seems to spoil them with lots of techs that will keep them coming back for more.

It's very obvious that nobody likes to be stuck in a traffic jam, even if you are the meekest of men. which is why Audi decided to modify the Q3 and integrate an electrically powered longboard into its rear bumper.

Cleverly hidden away, the carbon fiber and aluminum-made device will charge automatically, but for an optimum experience, Audi recommends connecting your smartphone to the crossover's infotainment system, linking the calendar, as the tech will calculate the fastest route possible, using real-time traffic.

Why? Because if it detects that you will arrive at your destination faster using the longboard than the Q3, then it will recommend parking the vehicle and continuing the trip on the device, which packs enough battery juice for more than 12 km (7 miles) and it can reach a top speed of 30 km/h (19 mph).The electric longboard can be utilized in three riding modes;

* Scooter
Operates with the phone clipped to the unfolded handlebar to display directions and speed adjusted with a remote control attached to the right handlebar grip.

* Sport
Operates with the handlebar folded down, allowing the rider to control the speed via remote control in his/her hand.

* Cargo
For any light-duty hauling, the board can also be put into cargo mode. When it is activated, it can follow the owner around autonomously when paired with a smartphone or smart-watch. The board could serve as a transport device for shopping bags or luggage, following its owner connected wirelessly. I can see some women smiling already.

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