Friday, 8 April 2016

Woman Who Killed Abuja Biker And Alleged Cover up By Nigeian Police.

If you are a frequent visitor of, you might have seen something like this earlier this week. This incident has been confirmed by a Biker contact of mine and I feel things should be handled according to the provisions of the law with the accused person(s) punished if found guilty. Nobody is above the law  irrespective of his /her position in the society. Well here is the story ...and more.

On Friday, 1st of April, 2016, along the Yoruba mosque axis of the Maitama district, a Biker, Mr. Somar Ain Al Shaibeh was on an afternoon ride, kitted with his helmet. Unknown to the rider, a woman driving a TOYOTA MATRIX CAR with Plate Number BW 227 RSH out of impatience was carelessly driving against traffic as to avoid the traffic gridlock caused by a mosque on her rightful lane, and decided to drive one-way through the very dangerous bend. Before the rider could sight the oncoming vehicle, it was too late and a head-on collision became unavoidable. He was hit by the woman, unconscious and was rushed to the hospital, and a case was lodged with the police.

On Tuesday, April 5, 2016, brother Somar passed on.
Picture of Somar before the incident

After his death, the Abuja Riders Community tried to reach the woman through the IPO, Abah Emmanuel, of the Maitama police station, and so many shocking details was revealed to them by the IPO. According to the IPO;

1. The woman who caused the accident was neither arrested for wrong driving nor made to leave a statement with the police. She was allowed to leave for her home directly from the hospital where the rider was rushed to.

2. The whereabouts of the woman and her car is unknown as it was not taken to the police station. IPO claims they have orders to lodge accidents cars at the VIO, this is apparently not true as efforts to compel the officer to let the Abuja bikers team to sight the vehicle with the supposed VIO was resisted by the police. The bikers were threatened with arrest if they kept insisting on sighting the vehicle. They also do not have in possession her car papers as well as driver’s license.

3. Asides the woman’s phone number, the police have no other information about her, and all efforts to reach her on phone have been abortive as she refused to answer calls.

4. The car, a TOYOTA MATRIX with plate number BW 227 RSH is suspected to be carrying an illegal plate number.

Investigations carried out by the Riders comunity revealed the woman's Identity as they discovered that her name is Victoria Christopher Umoren and she is a lawyer who works wth the National Boundary Commision.

The Riders Community is appealing to well-meaning Nigerians and media outlets not to let this matter be covered up in any form as it indicates, something sinister is already happening. A young man's life has just been wasted.

The Bikers are law abiding members of the society and are ready to release video evidences if the police insist on not taking appropriate action. There are testimoniea from eye witnesses at the scene of the accident and picture evidences of events that occurred throughout this period.

If the police refuses to bring this woman to book, the biking community insist that they shall rise up to resist this with all legal means possible so as to ensure their free right to movement and association is not infringed upon. They passionately appeal to the public to join hands with them in this noble cause. They also wishes to let the general public to know that they shall call an international press conference within 48hours if the police refuse to do what is legitimate by producing the woman and prosecute the case.

The Bikers wishes to let the general public understand that;

1. Bikers are fun loving hard working Nigerians, you can’t own a bike if you are not hardworking and productive, the notion that bikers are irresponsible and jobless is false and inappropriate.

2. Last week the NTA tried to cook up a story that a reckless biker had caused an accident without prior investigation. However, on investigation, the story was found to be untrue. This is how we are daily treated by car users and the media.

3. We shall continue to enlighten the community that biking like every other sport has its own lovers and they should therefore be treated fairly. Power bikes are a means of transportation and users are covered within the ambits of the law to use it as so.

4. The biking community in Abuja and Nigeria wish to call the attention of all media houses, well-meaning Nigerians and the international community to the series of negative actions daily meted by car users and the FCT administration on Bikers living in Abuja.

The Passionate Appeal is from the Nigeria Biking Community

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