Monday, 23 May 2016

The Menace Okada Constitutes To Driving - 1

Transportation is a major aspect of urban life. In Nigeria, the most preferred means of transportation is by road and one of the most accessible forms of road transportation after the motor car is the two-wheeled cycle, popularly called okada. Let's go a little back in time, am sure most people don't know nor remember how the name "okada" came about.

The name okada was borrowed from Okada Air, a Nigerian local airline, now defunct. In its time, Okada Air was the most popular Nigerian local airline, but was not known for its comfort. The motorcycle transports were nicknamed after the airline, because they could manoeuvre through the heavy traffic of Lagos, and take passengers to their destinations in a timely manner, in the same way as the airline. Unlike the airline, the nickname "okada" outlived the airline from which it originated, which many Nigerians no longer even remember. The motorcycle taxi (Okada) is believed to be fast, affordable and accessible. I mean, it is way much better compared to walking long distances or waiting for a bus but as good as it seems it also has its bad and ugly sides.

The motorcycle taxi has been in business since the 1980s and has come to be generally accepted by Nigerians. Motorcycle business has proven to be lucrative and It has become a means of livelihood for most of our unemployed youths especially university graduates who are having a hard time getting a job. It is a positive thing that most of our youth are engaged and generating incomes for themselves but they are not the only ones exploring this money making opportunity.

You must have noticed the countless numbers of okada operators plying the roads on daily basis and most of the motorcycles are owned by people in high places or well-to-do businesses and every weekend or month ending, they are laughing out loud to the bank...

Do you think the okada business has helped in the area of job employment? If yes or no, Let us know your reasons and any other objections in the comment section below.


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