Sunday, 1 May 2016

Which is more annoying? Getting A Scratch Or A Dent On Your Car?

Living in a country where on daily basis, where no less than 400,000 vehicles of different make and models are moving actively on the road, from the big heavily powered long vehicles with no less than four pair and two moving gargantuan tyres to the good, bad, ugly, or cute moving four tyres and straight down to the three tyre keke and two tyre powered by motor or pedalling.

Obviously it's a very long list of vehicles waiting to get themselves acquainted with your sweet ride therefore I think you should add getting a dent or scratch to your list of things that are certain in life.

It also begs the question; what do you as a car owner think or imagine whenever you get your car  started and take her (forgive me there but i like to think them as a she) into the crazy-wild road?

It's certainly not the pot holes or traffic congestion or that old woman who stands in the middle of the road, right in front of your car for 5 minutes praying and begging you not to hit her so she can cross over to the other side of the road that will leave you worried after driving for the day. So I ask you, which gets to you more? Getting a scratch or a dent on your car?

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