Sunday, 5 June 2016

Paris Set To Place Ban on Vehicles Made Before 1997.

Your classics should be prepared for some tough love if you you live in Paris.
Starting July 1, the Parisian authorities is set to place a ban on cars made before 1997 from the city center on weekdays and this also includes motorcycles made before 2000. The French capital has experienced an alarming level of air pollution in the last few years, as at Match 2015 the pollution reach a peak that saw the city's air quality drop lower than that of Beijing, China.

"Parisian smog in February 2015. Image Credit: Getty Images"

After trying out temporary restrictions to vehicle traffic, Les Echos reports that the city has decided to implement new rules that will ban older and more polluting vehicles from its streets on weekdays. Those restrictions will also tighten over time; in 2020, only cars built since 2011 will be allowed.
With the city planning to disallow vehicles over 10 years old in all parts of the city on weekdays, Vehicles will need to display one of six color-coded classifications on their windshields that reflect the car’s emission levels, with electric cars considered “first class.”
At the moment, violators will not face a penalty for the French authorities have give a time frame from now till October for its citizens to adjust to the new development. At the start of October the police will begin ticketing rule-breakers with a 35 euros fine. That'll go up to 135 euros in 2017.

Speaking of "tough love", the French city will give you all the time you need to be with you sweet classic ride but only on weekends. Yes, make it count.

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