Monday, 20 June 2016

See how this insane supercar reaches 400km/hr in just 20 seconds.


So my brief was simple, my editor asked me to blow his mind and regale him of a car that he probably wouldn't drive in his lifetime, a car that would never ever be seen on a Nigerian road (I repeat never ever for emphasis sake). There you have it my brief. Now this is a tough one considering fact that if you spend a lot of time on our Instagram page ...(@MotoringNigeria) you'll be left with just one thing..... Never underestimate Nigerians! We're one heck of petrol heads around here, I mean you see some cars on the page and you're like ....In Nigeria already? Sigh. All paid for in cash. No instalment or fear of repossession. 
Oh well, I digress. The point is, what car could I possibly write about that might seemingly look similar to my brief? 
Well, the good lord opened my eyes to Scandinavia,  most precisely the land of birth of one of my favorite footballers Zlatan.

Well, by now you have guessed that my destination country is Sweden. But while the swedes are noted for giving us Volvo and the seatbelt( yup, I'm sure you didn't know that). In a quiet town of Ângenholm, a Rich kid decided to contribute his quota to the world and give us hypercars. That man's name is....... 

Christian von koenigsseg. And the car that eventually ticked all boxes is none other than the Koenigsseg Regera

Here's the thing, I could have chosen any Koenigsseg and they would still have passed the bill, but why choose just any Koenigsseg, when you can have the latest, right.
The Regera is coined from the Swedish word meaning "To rule" "To reign" which is quite apt considering the fact that at 0-100km/h it clocks at just under 2.8secs making it the fastest accelerating car in the world! 
Koenigsseg produces fewer cars in its lifetime than Ferrari produces in a week, yet the car manufacturer happens to stay in the headlines for the most positive reasons .
The Regera adds to that glowing list of impressive headlines, as the first hybrid hypercar that would be built by the Swedish company. The figures are somewhere beyond being merely mind blowing . The Regera follows the example set by the Mclaren P1, the Ferrari LaFerrari, and the Porsche 918 by using a hybrid drivetrain, albeit one completely unlike anything we’ve seen before. It uses both a twin-turbocharged 5.0-liter V-8 engine and three electric motors for a total combined output of 1.11 megawatts, which converts to 1509 metric horsepower—or 1489 horsepower on America’s SAE measuring stick. Koenigsegg claims the 0-to-400-kph (249 mph) acceleration time of less than 20 seconds. 
The all seeing eyes

Let's talk about those eyes .....

They say, the eyes is the window into the soul (don't ask who said it, methinks it makes sense) and a peek into the soul of the Regera through the headlamps might actually convince you. As someone who has a background in creative design, I'm an absolute sucker for innovation and non- conformity, and with this piece of beauty, the good people at Koenigsseg achieved that. What makes it even more spectacular is the fact that they achieved this feat entirely in-house without the input of professional designers(how cool is that?). The Regera is styled to be a luxurious alternative to the already existing Agera model, from the front it looks almost different (those eyes!!!)
Regera Interior
Regera Interior
The side and rear profiles are dominated by the aero channels and the huge deployable rear wing. The cabin is the biggest surprise; Koenigsegg’s previous models have all had cockpits like blinged-up Group C racers, but the Regera looks plush and spacious by comparison, the big central display screen even features Apple CarPlay.

More Technical Chops....
The drivetrain. The gasoline side features the novel Koenigsegg Direct Drive transmission: In effect, a single-speed gear reduction for the mighty V-8 engine. Between the engine and the 2.85:1 rear final drive there’s no conventional gearbox, just a hydraulic coupling that, when closed, links the two directly. Below 30 mph, this can slip slightly, but it isn’t a proper clutch and won’t provide propulsion at very low speeds where the Regera relies instead on its electric motors. Above 30 mph, the Regera’s engine speed and wheel speed rise in direct proportion, with the engine’s 8250-rpm redline corresponding to the top speed of 249 mph. 
In its innovativeness Koenigsegg built a car with one gear that uses electric power and an internal combustion engine working in concert to create one of the fastest accelerating cars of all time. And according to Jalopnik, this is how it works.

The Regera uses Koenigsegg's 5.0 liter turbo V8 along with three electric motors. They are powered by a nine-kWh, 620-volt, water-cooled battery pack, which Koenigsegg says is the most power dense battery pack every created for a production car. 

The electric motor on the crankshaft makes 215 horsepower (and also acts as

a starter motor/generator) while the electric motors on the rear wheels make 241 horsepower each. This also allows for torque vectoring between the rear wheels. Real torque vectoring, not brake actuated. this juncture I know you're probably bored reading all that. 
I'm bored writing them also. 

The Koenigsseg is truly unique among Hypercars  and in the words of company founder “This is of course very different to what people are used to in sports cars," "It’s nice to shift down, hear the engine howl and then shoot off. However, given the massive electrical support and the power of the internal-combustion engine over 2500 rpm, the experience is otherworldly. At low rpm, the engine will still feel truly monstrous as the combined torque is unbelievable. The fun of down shifting and planning for the acceleration is quickly forgotten and not missed. It needs to be experienced.”
Well, good luck experiencing the Regera as the base price for a single unit is estimated to be $1,890,000 without  taxes or Charges. And to make it more exclusive, only 80 units will be produced, to put that into perspective as at 2014, there were 1645 dollar billionaires in the world. Even most billionaires won't have this car. What then is our fate as per the masses? We can only drool and dream. 
But while you're dreaming and driving the Koenigsegg, remember to use your seatbelt and drive carefully. Afterall, Eyan le ku any f**cking time! 


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