Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Ibadan city and the Notorius Nissan Micra

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So after being away for quite some time, I return to my place of birth, my first love, my dream land ( if it remains so after this observation) and most importantly, the place where I truly feel at home, Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria. 

There's something about the city that appeals to my better senses. The serenity, the peace, the orderly pace with which traffic moves, the calmness that permeates the air when you drive around. It's like a the perfect mix between New York and Boise, Idaho (not like I've been to either, but you know ... Seen enough Hollywood to know that driving is not for the faint hearted in the former, and a relative breeze in the latter). But recently something seems to be off. This relatively drive-easy town has suddenly been overtaken by pests, and I'm not talking about the Okadas or the Keke-NAPEPs or even the Ajumose buses, no. It's the damned MICRAS! Nissan Micra to be specific. 

They look a whole lot like this...

What is a Nissan Micra? 

Nissan needed a rival for the already burgeoning Toyota starlet and hence the Micra was conceived. The Micra is something of an old breed, having been in production since 1982!, and it's actually being critically acclaimed for its reliability, excellent build? and user friendliness. I mean all these are pretty cool (throw in low fuel consumption) and you can see that this car was going to be a hit in developing countries, then the Oyo state discovered it and this supposedly glorious vehicle changed for the worse. Sigh. 

I was in a friend's car the other day and we stopped at a traffic light quietly chilling for it to turn green, when all of  a sudden a Micra taxi kissed our ass (figuratively) 


You see, as an autophile, I'm absolutely game for the occasional car driver/ taxi driver scuffles, me thinks as a Nigerian  commuter we need comic reliefs every once in a while. Else we'll just die of sadness and heartbreak prematurely.  However when this supposed comic reliefs start turning to nuisances you that "it has passed be-careful" (I promise you it sounds better when my mom says that phrase in my local tongue). I mean how else can you explain how a taxi driver gets  involved in a fender bender, and a scratch with two different people in the same week!? 

Apparently it was the same Micra driver who scratched my own vehicle earlier in the week. Well my friend isn't as long suffering as myself, so he came down and hooked the driver and you know how the story goes, the "Ejo sir, e ma binus" had the day. And a quick search on Twitter brought about several complaints against these same Micra drivers. 


Just see the culprits...

 But it got me thinking. How did it become like this? Is this a case of poverty alleviation that constitutes a different nuisance or what? 

I know this is Ibadan and I'm sure the Lagos readers are rolling their minds eye that it's worse in Lagos. I agree... But. 

How about sensitization of the drivers on our roads? 

Proper lessons on how to drive (really, how many attended a proper driving school) 

Road culture (sigh, this is just a lost cause)

This nuisance can't continue. Or how will I ride my Aventador in Ibadan  struggling with these things on the same road?? 
Ignore the luxury coat, it's still a Micra at heart..

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