Monday, 13 June 2016

Why the Toyota Camry is for senior citizens?


I woke up one morning, after having one of those nights when you have an online assignment and you keep waking up in between sleeps to see if “NEPA” has brought the light so you can charge; well, they lived up to their name. Anyways, I prepared for class, spent an hour admiring my new 50M G series waterproof sport watch (don’t confuse the 50M with 50million, I wouldn’t want to get kidnapped after this article is published). Yes, I love cars but I love my time pieces too…whether my divided love is considered as cheating or not in the automotive world is a discuss for another day, I digress… Then I set out for the day.

While carrying out my early morning trekking ritual to school, I unconsciously made a rather interesting discovery; I observed that the cars partaking in the morning rush hour race had more of  the 2003-06 Toyota Camrys, Lexus ES300/330, Toyota Matrix, Pontiac Vibe, the all but scarce 2003-06 Corolla and other cars that love to liter the road like someone dumped a waste at Eagle's Square and forgot to clean up the mess.

The 2003-06 Toyota Camry, popularly called “ Big Daddy” or worse “Big for Nothing” got my attention, not because she got a big fine behind that could contain a fully grown  family of African elephants but the age group of the majority of the people I saw behind the wheel whom I estimate to be 45 years and above.

This raised some questions in my mind, why do the "senior citizens" love the big daddy in this area of the world? Is it because of its big nickname? Does the name give an impression that it's meant for the old or the aesthetics just appeals naturally to them? Is it because of its capacity to contain more occupants and goods? Or its just one of those love stories written from heaven? Who even named it big daddy to start with!!!
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