Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Hypercar Day: The Ferarri LaFerarri Spider is upon us.


July 5 is no Independence Day. It is Hypercar Day, at least in 2016. After Aston Martin revealed the new Hyperis, also known as Aston Martin Red Bull 001 Concept, Ferrari must have felt jealous with all the attention the new car received and decided to show the first official picture of the LaFerrari Spider. The one you see above.

Ferarri’s current supercar god the LaFerarri is gradually beginning to ‘age’, so naturally, one would expect now is the time to debut a more exclusive and more expensive variant; The LaFerarri Spider.

Ferrari tweeted an image of the new car this morning. Rumors of a convertible LaFerarri have been in circulation for years, though this is the first time the car would be seen in public. It will debut in flesh and blood this fall at the Paris motor show. Earlier this year, the company showed the convertible to potential customers at a private event. Reaction was so strong that it sold out almost immediately. The droptop is estimated to cost $1.4million, that’s a whopping 40% more than the standard version with only about 150 to 200 units to be built.
The 949 horsepower, 6.3L hybrid V12 engine will remain in place, and Ferarri says the chasis and aerodynamics were modified to maintain performance. It will also offer carbon fiber and soft tops. Although the LaFerarri will most likely not snatch away the coveted title of the fastest convertible from the mighty Bugatti Veyron, it will still be one of the fastest and the rarest cars to roll the face of the earth.

The LaFerrari was able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.7 s, to 200 km/h in less than 7 s and to 300 km/h in 15 s, with a top speed of more than 365 km/h. It is considered as the fastest Ferrari ever built. Now we just have to wait on the official information about the fastest drop top Ferrari ever built!


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