Thursday, 4 August 2016

Eleko Motor Race, once again a huge huge success


 Moments of glory, they say, are etched in stone. These days we record memorable events not just in our minds, but on tablets, smartphones and social media. The 23rd day of July in 2016A.D will stand out not just because we say it will, but because the Eleko Motor Race held on said day. This event is an exciting blend of motorsports, community service and unadulterated fun. It’s an event unlike any other, bringing people together for friendly competition without discrimination without negatively affecting the people that dwell in its vicinity. This edition is dedicated to South African race car driver Gugu Zulu, a selfless pioneer who lived as he died, in service to humanity. An exceptional man loved and respected by all, he who lost his life climbing the Kilimanjaro for charity.

       There’s no telling what to expect when you organize an event of such magnitude but the organizers pulled it off, I wouldn’t say with ease, but it all went as planned. Thirteen racers in SUVs on a 25km long rally course segmented into four stages only starts to sound like fun when you hear what these drivers showed up in, there were two hummers, a wrangler, and one driver even showed out when he pulled up in a Ford F150 SVT raptor, the driver Mr Richard Ike won the race in 13:56,25 minutes, the second position was clinched by Mr Bayo Ayoade driving a Nissan Frontier and the third went to Mrs Eji Effiong driving a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon who took a total of 14 minutes 11.2 seconds to complete the course. My personal favorite the insanely Osakwe Racing team Nissan Xterra tuned by IMAB Workshop with upgrades to its engine, exhaust and suspension. If you think that’s all, then you are in for a surprise because this edition also featured power bikes, and for what it’s worth, they were amazing. One quick question though, where do you find celebrities fulfilling their boy racer dreams? It’s at the Eleko Motor Race, where big names like master of the wheels DJ Sose and veteran comedian Alibaba were present.

The rumble in the sands didn’t cease for one moment at the Eleko beach where the drivers assembled after their race, they soon had their eyes glued to an oval track where Eleko’s finest the Awoyaya Okada riders association had their own race, entertaining crowds with their loud revs and ample amounts of perseverance, two things you would definitely need to take a stock motorcycle round a beach track. There was never any shortage of cheers throughout the event and as if things weren’t lively enough we had a prodigy entertain us, none other than nine year old DJ Young Money doing his father proud on wheels of steel. The organizers also deemed it fit to award gifts to children of the Eleko community, and cash prizes to the Okada racers donated by The Out of Nigeria Team, the racers where recognized and the winners announced, a moment of silence followed by a eulogy for late racer Gugu Zulu.

The sponsors of the race include IMAB Workshop, OMP Racing Spirit, Sickrabbit, Out Doors Tour, Easy Riders MC, Motoring Nigeria was a media partner alongside Supersport and Naija Car Lovers. The July 2016 edition of the Eleko Motor Race was a success and its organizers can proudly beat their chests when saying so. 
By Napoleon Chukwuoma

Mr Richard Ike( Winner of  the race)

Winner of the Okada Local championship race

Folks from Carvolution Magazine( By Motoring Nigeria)

Our Amiable DJ

Alibaba also came by

DJ Sose

DJ Sose 


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