Thursday, 29 September 2016

Nigerian Motorcyclist Embarks On Solo Road Tour of North America

Nigerian motorcyclist and chemical engineer, Ogbonnaya ‘FD’ Kanu has gone on another super bike adventure,and this time, it’s an exploration of North America. FD will get to experience the sights and sounds of North America in a way that only a motorcycle can provide.

In 2012, Kanu made history as the first Nigerian motorcyclist to ride solo to Europe and back, a total distance of over 16,000km. In 2014, in the midst of the Ebola crisis, he rode from the Southernmost tip of the African continent to Lagos - braving the risk of being turned back at some of the African countries’ borders due to the Ebola epidemic.

His North American tour is also an opportunity for him to participate in the challenge for the Triple Crown - an award given to ten - fifteen  motorcyclists every year in the USA. Once again, he would be the only Nigerian to attempt to win the award. 
In order to qualify for the Triple Crown, FD is participating in three different tours - The 3Flags Classic (which involves a cross country ride into the countries of USA, Canada and Mexico); The Four Corners - an intensive, high endurance ride to the four corners of the USA, and lastly the California Missions Tour - a tour of the 21 Missions in the state of California

An interesting feature of this year’s motorcycling adventure, was that his wife, Eseohe Kanu accompanied him on the 3Flags Classic. “This has been my fantasy trip. A cross country motorcycle ride..from warm (hot actually) Houston, Texas to cold Kimberly, Canada...7 days, beautiful scenery, lovely towns, old towns and extreme weather with my motorcycle family and the love of my life, my husband.
We went through some pretty amazing roads, curvy and roller coaster-like, through and up the mountains, in sun, heavy winds, rain and snow. We spent nights at amazing places, good food and lovely company,” she said.

FD was asked to give a talk and was also honored for his achievements in the motorcycling community at the 3Flags Classic Dinner held at the end of the tour.

At the heart of his passion for riding is his service to financially disadvantaged orphans and fatherless children, by providing them with scholarships from primary to first degree level via the Fotodadi Foundation (FD Foundation), of which he is a co-founder. The proceeds from the sales of his motorcycle adventures are also channeled to the foundation.

The FD Foundation currently sponsors the education of 40 children, and is aided by the support of individuals and organizations. Interested sponsors/supporters may visit the foundation’s website at

FD has also been logging short clips of his North American road tour on his YouTube channel, lacing a bit of humor with his narrations.
To Follow FD on his adventure, connect with him at 
Facebook: @FDBreakingLimits and @FD247
Twitter: @Foto_Dadi
Instagram: @FDBreakingLimits
YouTube: @FDBreakingLimits



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