Sunday, 16 October 2016

Car dealer promises N100,000 for any follower who wins in Instagram car quiz giveaway.

A car dealer on Instagram Inspiredautos yesterday evening, posted a picture of what seems to be the interior of a Mercedes AMG GT S  and promised to give away N100,000 to anybody who guesses the correct year, make and model of the car. So far, N1890 people have commented in an attempt to win the awoof N100,000 and by his replies to some of the comments, no one has been able to provide the correct answer.

To be sure, Motoring Nigeria contacted Michael KΓΌbler, an engine builder who handcrafts some of the Mercedes- AMG engines at the Affalterbach factory of the Mercedes- AMG in Germany and he confirmed that the picture is indeed from a Mercedes-AMG GT S, he however did not state the model year of the car. So chances are ..If you dropped Mercedes-AMG GT S in the comment section, you are close to the answer, the year however will determine if you’ll win the N100,000 cash prize...or not but even at that, there are comments spanning the possible model years of the AMG GT S. My guess: There is a already a winner somewhere there in the comment section.

Whether “Inspiredautos” will reveal the said car and fulfill his N100,000 to a winner is something we are watching and hoping to see.

see more pictures below.


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