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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Motorsport: First purpose built race track in Nigeria hosts its first race event - The BT

The 2017 BT has come and gone but the memories of the just concluded race event will forever be etched in the deepest parts of our hearts.
The event which was by far the biggest motorsport event in Nigeria was held on Saturday 25th of November 2017 and it was nothing short of an amazing experience for the Motoring Nigeria crew. What made it even more spectacular was that it took place on Nigeria’s First purpose-built racetrack at Evbuobanosa, Near Abudu, Edo State. It was also an occasion to celebrate 5 years of the annual Bikers Trophy (“The BT”) event. The event witnessed the presence of the biggest names in Nigerian motorsport and motorsport lovers who all travelled from different parts of the country to witness the epoch-defining moments that was this year’s BT.

The event started on Wednesday 22nd November which was the day fixed for general track use and free practice, there were reports of some racers doing a whopping 100 laps on the racetrack in order to get used to the curves and turns the track had to offer. Thursday was also practice day as the drivers and bikers took turns practicing and perfecting their racing skills on the track.

We were introduced to some of the action on Friday as racers from every category had to race and qualify for the grid on Saturday.
Qualifying Results
AnthonioS.(BMW M6)
Tiger Racing
Chevrolet Camaro
Team Cars
OutdoorTours Racing
Rage Motorsport
600cc Superbikes
Ahmed Alpacino
BadBlood 28
1000cc Superbikes
Argotios Racing
Jack Afarra (Airbenda)
Babatunde L. (B9)

There was an unspoken tension in the air on Saturday the 25th of November 2017 as racers and spectators made their way to the track venue at Evbuobanosa from Benin City. Racing started with the 600cc bike category where Ahmed Alpacino released his anger on the track,and clinched the 1st position, he was closely followed by his team mate Ikemesit Nkereuwem (Badblood28).  Third in the 600cc Category was Ikhide Izokpu (Blow). The 600cc race was followed quickly by the 1000cc category where Jack Afarra clinched 1st position, Argo Raak took the 2nd position and Babatunde Ladipo (B9) took the 3rd position. Outdoortours Racing won the RoadX Team Car category, 2nd position went to Rage Motorsport and Autobahn clinched the 3rd position.
The Supercar category had Anthonio  in the BMW M6 in the 1st position, Eugene in the 2nd position in the Camaro and 3rd position went to Theodore in the Tiger 2 seater race car.

Anthonio S. (BMW M6)
Team Cars
Outdoors racing
Rage Motorsport
600cc bikes
Ahmed Alpacino
BadBlood 28
1000cc bikes
Jack Afarra Airbender
Argotios Racing
Bikers Wearhouse Racing

Some corporate brands present at the event included Monster Energy, Tecno Mobile & MTN while Wazobia Max TV, Ebony Life TV, and NTA Entertainment TV Channels provided press.

This is our 3rd year of reporting on the BT and it has been a great ride from the days of racing on the roads of Urhonigbe to the present use of a purpose built racetrack. Thanks to the organizers for giving motorsport lovers a home to enjoy and explore their passion.

The RoadX Car Race Series and The BT Series begin in February 2018 & you can rely on Motoring Nigeria to be there to bring you regular updates from the racetrack.  Till then, if you dig motorsport, keep pumping RED!

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Grid set up before the 1000cc race began

Add caption


4eva Racing

Forth Worth (Rage Motorsports)

Inferno Racing

Chevrolet Camaro driven by Argotios Racing

Rear view of the Camaro and  BMW M6

Grid set up before the 1000cc race began

Argo getting interviewed after racing.

Mr Ikems of BMW Club NIgeria having a good time.

Camaro in beast mode

Grid setup for the team car race

600cc winners (L-R) Blow -3rd, Ahmed Alpacino- 1st and BadBlood 28 -2nd

1000cc category winners (L-R) Bikers wearhouse racing- 3rd, Jack Afarra -1st and Argotios racing- 2nd

Supercar category winners

Imab workshop (L) built the winning team car used by- Outdoortours racing (R)

Wenger out

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Ondo Auto Rally 2017 Highlights

The usually calm city of Akure and the sleepy town of  Ilara Mokin were awoken this weekend as Work and Play Events held its second edition of its rally event this time tagged Ondo Auto Rally 2017 and Motoring Nigeria was there to cover every bit of the successful event.


The event started on Friday 10th November at Elizade University where some of the racers thrilled spectators with drift performances. Saturday 11th November was race day. Racing started with the off-road race at Ilara-Mokin after which the racers proceeded to Akure to race in the road category. Worth of note is that this time, the race started with drivers in the grid position and all racers raced together rather than in a time attack format. There was also fierce bike race for the local bike riders of Akure.

Anthonio blistering through in his M6 V10

Olumuyiwa Akintola from Rage Motorsport won the off road category while Antonio Sandouk won the rod category with a BMW M6 V10.

The Governor of Ondo State Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu was around to present the prize monies to the winners of the different race categories. There were also performances by Mz Kiss and Vermis.
The event was powered by Dinkkiia limited and Work and Play, sponsored by Meristem, Big Cola, Eterna Oil, SMT/Volvo, Smokin Hills, Elizade Group, JAC and covered by NTA, Channels TV,AutoJosh,, TraveLogue and Motoring Nigeria (we also provided 50 race marshals for the race).

Governor Akeredolu presenting the prize money to Rage Motorsport

Congratulations to the organizers for a successful event. We can’t wait for the third edition.

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Friday, 6 October 2017

Have You Seen Tesla’s New Semi, Here's A Glimpse.

Photo Released At Musk's TED Conference. 

A photo which has recently popped up on Reddit shows the first real glimpse of Tesla's yet-to-be unveiled semi truck has surfaced on Reddit. 

Saturday, 16 September 2017


car care, car news

Your vehicle is not just your transportation tool or a luxury item, it’s much more than that and petrol heads know to treat their vehicle like it’s their own body, meaning they have to take care of it in terms of cleaning, changing worn out parts, servicing etc. But of course, if you do not agree with us, we will definitely lend you a hand in killing your vehicle 😈

Your car engine is like your heart, if you fail to listen to it especially when it’s giving you every sign possible; it will definitely break down and this will cost you a leg or maybe both. Every morning you start up your vehicle, give it a little head start and let it run for a while and listen to its sound, if you notice any new sounds then you should definitely check it out. Do note that the engine light is present to alert you and not for your amusement…don’t listen to me though.

Your car fluid such as the engine oil has a certain duration before which its due to be changed. The engine oil is used for lubricating a car’s engine and also helps in cooling the engine but over time the engine’s heat breaks down the oil reducing its heat absorbing capabilities which makes it more viscous and volatile, you don’t need an expert to tell you what that means for your vehicle so get down to changing it or you simply just ignore it.

You know what happens when your shoe is terribly worn out underneath but you keep treading on those helpless shoes! One of this days it’s going to give way and you would walk bare footed. This same fate awaits your car if you don’t change its Tyre as at when due and trust me you don’t want your Tyre to give way, it’s more dangerous than your car moving barefooted (on it rims). Quick advice, always make sure your Tyre is well aligned and your wheels balanced or you could just get curious and see your car run on rims…sounds like fun right!!!

In a country where power outage is a major issue, the lots of us have power generators in our homes and we know well that if that generator is to serve us well and last a lifetime – it should get serviced after running for a certain duration of time which could be days, weeks or months depending on the manufacturers instruction. This same applies to your car, get it serviced if you want it to be up and performing at its best but sometimes our worst moments just brings out the best in us if you know what I mean.

I’ve never met a man nor woman who doesn’t love his or her paint job or one who could contain his or her rage when there’s as little a scratch the size of a “full stop” from a ball pen - especially if it's a new car but this same set of people worry less when it comes to dirt on their vehicle…OK maybe not all of them. Do let me enlighten you; coat of dirt and dust has a damaging effect on your vehicle, it abrades and erodes the protective paint and this could lead to rust but don’t we all love to play dirty, maybe your car does too.

So, there it is but if you’re still very much hellbent on ruining your vehicle, we are just one phone call away. Our car ruining service is top notch with lots of discounts.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Have You Seen the World's Fastest Electric Hypercar???

Meet Valkyrie, the fastest electric hypercar which was created by Aston Martin in collaboration with

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Jaguar To Release Its First Electric Vehicle, I-PACE By 2018.

In an era where electric power is the next black gold, of course everyone is looking to be the next John D. Rockefeller. Jaguar has announced the release of its Model X competitor electric powered SUV by 2018.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Tesla Model 3 Goes on Sale This Week.

The most anticipated electric vehicle, the Model 3 is about to hit the street and there is no stopping it.

Friday, 30 June 2017

See Tesla’s Most Anticipated EV, Model3 Leaked Pictures.

A car enthusiast, You You Xue who happened to have crossed paths with the world’s most anticipated EV gives us a glimpse of the vehicle that world change the auto industry and possibly open our minds to love the ideas of EVs and other renewable energy powered innovations.

The Tesla Model 3 electric car pictures was leaked by You You Xue on Reddit who said to have come across the car in San Matteo and got so excited and went all paparazzi mode on the Model 3 EV. The photo shows us the interior content of the EV and the techs it packs, such as the infotainment 17-inch display on its dashboard, charging ports, steering and wheels.

The Model 3 which Tesla has been very secretive about is due to be released sometime this year. 

What are your thoughts, do share with us in the comment section below.