Saturday, 18 March 2017

Meet The Chiron of The Seas - Bugatti-Palmer Johnson Niniette 66.

Boat maker Palmer Johnson with Bugatti creates a soul mate at sea for the 1,479bhp Bugatti Chiron. Will they ever meet??? Who knows!!!

The new super yacht takes on Chiron's looks and is said to be worth £1.9 million, that's about 747mil+ Nigerian naira.
Length: 20-metre
Power: 1,000bhp V8 engine
Top Speed: 44 knots (51mph)

The Chiron of The Seas is pretty on the inside too. Sleekly balanced with carbon fibre, leather seats,  and the Jacuzzi in the lower deck with a sun lounging pad and drinks bar is the centre of attention.
You would also like to know that The Niniette 66 comes with a lounge which features furniture and fittings made from carbon-fibre, leather and marble. Tired or sleepy??? A master bedroom with a double bed is set for your perusal.

Bugatti says Buyers will be offered plenty of customisation options when it comes to the yacht’s interior,though an exact price for the Niniette 66 has yet to be revealed.

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