Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Most Hilarious Names Nigerians Give to Cars

This is an article from the incoming Nigerian car Magazine; Carvolution scheduled for release by the 4th week of May 2018.

Nigerians have been known to rechristen their favourite cars local names which are usually renewed every generation or midlife refresh of the cars. Practically all cars (excuse my exaggeration) have a local name given to it. Some names like “ Honda Baby boy” are prominent in the South, some others like “Panadol extra” are prominent in the North but a few of them like the “End of discussion” and “Evil spirit” have managed to gain popularity all over the country. We made a research about this topic and compiled a list based on our results. 

Is there any names we didn't mention? leave them in the comment section.

2008 Honda Accord
Evil Spirit
2000 Honda Accord
Honda Baby boy, Hennessey
1996 Honda Accord
Honda Academy, Bulldog
1993 Honda Accord
Honda Halla
2005-  2011 Honda Civic
1998 - 2000 Honda Civic
Panadol Extra
1993 - 1996 Honda Civic
1987 - 1991 Honda Civic
Thank you daddy
1992 - 1995 Honda Civic
Almighty joker
1983 - 1986 Honda Civic
Rumfar Jaki (Donkey’s saddle)
1987 - 1991 Honda Prelude
2008 - 2012 Toyota Camry
Camry Muscle
2003 - 2006 Toyota Camry
Big for nothing / Big daddy
2000 - 2002 Toyota Camry
Envelope/ Fish light
1997 – 1999 Toyota Camry
Pencil light
1996 Toyota Camry
Orobo (fat person)
2003 -2007 Mercedes C Class
Groundnut eyes
2000 Mercedes E Class
Oloju opolo (Frog eyes)
2008 C Class
Yahoo boy
Mercedes Benz W123
Regular Benz
Mercedes Benz W124
2003 -2006 Honda Accord
End of discussion
2007 Honda Accord
Discussion continues

Image result for w123 mercedes benz
Regular benz
Image result for 2008 c class
Yahoo boy
Image result for 2003 accord back view
End of Discussion

Image result for w124

Image result for 2007 accord rear
Discussion continues


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